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Loving Thy Neighbor: Sharing Compassion

A Place Of Respite & Refuge
The Oasis is the only drop-in resource center in Seminole County where families and individuals experiencing hunger and homelessness can come to receive a warm shower, laundry service, hair cuts, and on-the-go meals. 

Those in desperate times can come to The Oasis as a place of respite and refuge. After entering the doors, individuals and families seeking service are met with compassionate volunteers who sign them in and direct them to warm food and hot coffee. They are able to sign up for a shower slot and put their laundry in a basket for our volunteers to launder.

DaMario, Case Manager of The Oasis states “You have to have the heart to serve the community. You couldn’t do this job if you didn’t have the heart behind it. Loving people the way God loves them. Every day, people push through their obstacles and circumstance to continue to fight.”

Given A Fighting Chance
People like Hendricks, who frequented The Oasis, experienced homelessness for nearly eight years. 

After visiting The Oasis, he was able to build his resume and share his story to listening ears. He says “I appreciate The Sharing Center just listening to me. That is the biggest service they could provide.”

In turn, his full tuition for a degree in medical billing was paid for by one of our faithful church partners. He is a three-time honor roll recipient and recent graduate. He is now housed and in full-time work using his degree. 

Hendricks was given a fighting chance to escape homelessness. He frequently visits The Oasis and encourages others who are experiencing homelessness. He stated “Homeless people to me, are like superheroes. The things we have to endure, aren’t for just everyday people. I forgot what it was like to sleep on a bed. You can’t remember what it’s like to just walk up to your faucet and have a cup of water.”

Alex, another guest at The Oasis, met Hendricks through the center. Hendricks shared his story, how he was able to finish school and get the job he needed to journey back to stability. Alex is now enrolled in the same school for HVAC and is currently employed. 

The Oasis is so much to so many fighting their way out of poverty. It is our role at The Sharing Center to prevent individuals and families from facing homelessness. 

Through our programs, Families in Crisis and The Pantry, thousands each year are given a fighting chance to be housed with their pantry’s full. Together we work towards stability. Each program is designed to lift the burdens of hunger and homelessness, while also sharing compassion and dignity. 

Come As You Are
The Oasis is a place where people can come as they are. A guest of The Oasis was asked how it has impacted his life, he quickly replied “Centers like The Oasis, they really help people out. The people that can’t, and don’t want to have the motivation to get out of their situation, get the motivation here. You have a community of people who are going through the same thing as you, you share laughs and joys. It’s like a family.”