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Loving Thy Neighbor: Sharing Precious Time

The Best Gift
For nearly 40 years, Nancy and Ron Kenney have given The Sharing Center the best gift anyone could ask for, their time. They’ve shared their precious time volunteering with us since the ’80s. 

They’ve been with The Sharing Center from the start. Their home church, Sanlando United Methodist, was one of the 17 founding churches. Ron and Nancy began volunteering when the agency opened its first store. Together, along with their Fellowship Sunday classmates, they sorted through mounds of clothing donations. 

Nancy now volunteers every Monday afternoon in The Boutique, while Ron spends his Monday afternoons testing electronics in the Distribution Center. For the last five to six years, they have committed to volunteering every week, dedicating thousands of hours to the mission of The Sharing Center. 

In an interview with Ron, he states “I support The Sharing Center because of all the benefits it’s given to our neighbors right here in Seminole County; sometimes people right in our own backyard. It serves our community directly. You get to see the results first-hand. We’ve sent people here from our own church, or from right off the street. It’s like giving back and paying it forward.”

Small Acts Make A Big Difference
Ron mentioned that the greatest act of service is the anonymous small acts that make a huge difference in the lives of others. The ones that you may not even know about. 

He shared a story about his neighbor, and how Nancy and Ron introduced her to The Sharing Center. They were always telling her about how impactful it is for our community and its mission. When their neighbor passed, her lawyer contacted Ron about getting them in touch with someone at The Sharing Center for a bequest. 

Ron’s neighbor dedicated the value of his house to The Sharing Center. 

Nearly $350,000 was left behind to TSC, all because Ron and Nancy support us and shared their passion about who we are and what we do. 

Ron and Nancy share together their joy of giving through service, “It really is an honor and a blessing to see how you’ve grown exponentially since the start of The Sharing Center. We are thankful to be able to contribute to this mission.”

Volunteerism At The Sharing Center
Nancy and Ron are incredible examples of neighborhood ambassadors. They have continuously blessed The Sharing Center with their time, their hearts, financial gifts and their dedication. We are so thankful for volunteers like these two! 

If you are interested in volunteering, you can visit our website

We have plenty of opportunities all over our campus. You can serve in The Oasis, The Thrift Store, Boutique, Furniture Store, The Pantry, The Distribution Center, and even our corporate offices! Students, elders, groups, schools, clubs, and community service- come one, come all!