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The 5 Donor Love Languages

Our donors, volunteers, and staff are the heart of our mission. Every service shared relieves families and individuals from the burdens of poverty because of the compassionate care of our community. For this reason, while heart-shaped confections and floral arrangements are in abundance this month, we want to express our sincere gratitude for all our supporters and the love they share with others.

NonProfitPRO detailed the five Donor Love Languages as hands-on service, words of affirmation, tokens of appreciation, quality time, and proof of impact. At The Sharing Center, each love language is expressed daily with the commitment and dedication our community has showcased since 1986.

Hands-On Service

In 2022, thousands of volunteers supported our mission by sharing 50,469 hours of their time, an equivalent of $1.5 million. Every volunteer ensures we are able to meet the growing demand of our community’s needs.

Skill-based volunteers use their experience in the Distribution Center by inspecting electronics and appliances one by one and ensuring that every item rehomed or sold in The Village Shoppes is up to standard. At the same time, student groups take time out of their schedules to put together Dignity Bags with toiletries, snacks, and resources for our homeless neighbors.

There is no job too small. The hands-on service our community shares is making a lasting change in the lives of thousands.

Words of Affirmation

Thank you! You’re making an impact. When you share a kind word in support of our mission or hand out a crisis card to someone you meet on the side of the road, you are making a difference in the lives of families and individuals facing hardships, hunger, and homelessness.

We couldn’t do it without you!

Tokens of Appreciation

Throughout the year, our community has shared abundantly in support of our services and programs.

Over 17,000 members of our community donated clothing and household goods to our Thrift Program. This made it possible for $509,144 worth of goods to be rehomed to families and individuals on the road to stability.

In addition to the donated goods that helped further our mission, financial gifts from compassionate and caring members of our community ensured we could grow and enhance how we care for the families and individuals we serve.

Quality Time

The presence of every one of our supporters leaves a mark on our work.

Guests at The Oasis receive individualized care when they enter the doors and our greeted by our welcoming volunteers. Those who share their time at our respite center, help do laundry, clean bathrooms, and share their time with the members of our community experiencing a season of homelessness.

A warm smile and a listening ear when encountering someone facing a difficult time can provide the help needed to overcome hardship.

Proof of Impact

The impact our community has made is immeasurable.

We have detailed how our donors and supporter have helped bridge the gap between the families and individuals we serve and the resources necessary to regain stability. The full report can be found at

As we continue to dive into how you and your support have demonstrated love to our community during times of need, we encourage you to keep an eye on our social media channels and emails for sweet surprises throughout February.