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Our Programs

Alleviating hunger. Preventing homelessness. Changing lives.

It is our mission to help the most vulnerable in our community receive compassionate care when struggling during tough times. We offer support and guidance to families and individuals experiencing hardships. In times of crisis, our team works to provide emergency financial assistance, groceries, and other essential resources while helping to bring hope and healing back into our neighbors’ lives. Our programs are designed to meet the immediate needs of families in crisis while sharing tools such as mental health counseling, legal advice, and budgeting skills.

Key Programs

We are helping families and individuals feel relief from the burdens of poverty and food insecurity.

Our food pantry is one of the largest FREE resources in Seminole County helping alleviate hunger.

Our homeless neighbors can visit the Oasis for a warm shower, laundry service, and housing guidance.

A 3-year program working one-on-one with families navigating homeless to housed and reach stability.


Neighbors Served


Pounds of Food Distributed


Financial Assistance Dollars Shared

Bless You

"You do amazing work in the spirit of Love & Christ and that is just beautiful. Thank you as well for encouragement and direction with problems. You ALL rock! I'm thankful for you! GOD BLESS YOU!"



"I would like to thank you guys for your services, time, advice, and genuine caring of your clients. You awakened my yearning to go back to school to pursue my dreams."



"Thank you Christian Sharing Center… I got to the door 15 mins before closing and was greeted with a smile and lots of patience! The food, the prayer, the smiles, the love!"

The Browdy Family