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Dare To Be The Change

Our community has seen trials and crises at whiplash rates in recent years. A global pandemic, extreme hurricanes, and unattainable costs of living have cornered many into poverty. In many cases, one late rent or mortgage payment led to an eviction notice, while a loss in income or increase of expenses resulted in staggering debt for others.

The reality is that poverty can shrink your existence. Not only is it difficult for families and individuals impacted by hardship to keep up with inflation and the housing crisis, but the limited resources available to those seeking stability can be disheartening.

For this reason, The Sharing Center opens its doors to all facing a season of hardship, hunger, and homelessness with dignified solutions to regain stability and overcome poverty. Essential care is shared in a variety of ways through a network of supportive resources. The heart of our mission lies with those who support our community above all else.

Our donors, volunteers, supporters, staff, and even those who have shared a kind word with someone in need are at the core of all we do. Our community dared to take action when hands-on service was needed to recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Our community dared to be the change when resources were tight, but the need for food and financial assistance grew. Our community continues to be full of changemakers who touch the lives of those seeking a helping hand and a compassionate ear.

Together, we will continue to take daring actions to lift our community above hardship and guide others on the path of hope and restoration. If you would like to continue serving with us, visit to make an impact today.