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A Career Shaped By Faith For President and CEO of The Sharing Center, Nina Yon, faith goes hand in hand with her everyday career. In an interview, she states,  “I know that God brought me here. After three mentors encouraged me to apply for the job, I felt that it was a...

The Best Gift For nearly 40 years, Nancy and Ron Kenney have given The Sharing Center the best gift anyone could ask for, their time. They’ve shared their precious time volunteering with us since the ’80s.  They’ve been with The Sharing Center from the start. Their home church, Sanlando United Methodist, was...

A Place Of Respite & Refuge The Oasis is the only drop-in resource center in Seminole County where families and individuals experiencing hunger and homelessness can come to receive a warm shower, laundry service, hair cuts, and on-the-go meals.  Those in desperate times can come to The Oasis as a place of...

The Danger of Stigma When asked “What would you say to people who assume every homeless person is dangerous?” In an interview with the Chief of Police for the Longwood Police department, David Dowda, replied, “You have to look at the individual, be cautious about lumping people together under the same...

More Than What Meets The Eye The Sharing Center’s hope is that every person- donor, volunteer, or staff, who encounters anyone on our campus- will meet them with the compassion and dignity they deserve.  That together, we would look at people experiencing homelessness, not as the world sees them. Yet as we...