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Addressing Homelessness

Our homeless neighbors are our community’s most vulnerable and The Sharing Center is here to provide the resources needed to thrive, not only survive. Ultimately, it is our goal to help as many as we can find stability in their lives and hope in their hearts. We focus on serving those who are currently living in camps, cars, or streets as well as families on the verge of homelessness.

Through our two programs, The Oasis and LifeBuilder, we are wrapping our arms around the most vulnerable to lift them up, out of desperation and into stability.

The Oasis is the only drop-in resource center for our homeless neighbors providing warm showers, laundry service, hot meals and on-the-go food, as well as committed, compassionate support. Last year, we helped 123 individuals go from homeless to housed. For nine years, The Oasis has served as a safe-haven and a place of respite in difficult times.

The LifeBuilder Program is an assistance program serving families with children who reside in Seminole County. For those that qualify for LifeBuilder, we provide rental/financial assistance and other services on a case-by-case basis. The purpose of this program is to successfully return households to economic self-sufficiency and stable housing.


Visits to the Oasis


LifeBuilder Families Stablized

Thanks to the generous funding from community partners, we are able to continue addressing homelessness through our LifeBuilder program.


$1,000 Now Available for up to 20 Families in Crisis


Help Light the Way Forward for our Homeless Neighbors!