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Faith Partners

Faith Partners

The Sharing Center is blessed to have the support of faith partners in collaboration to prevent hunger and homelessness. Many churches and faith-based groups have joined to help our neighbors in need find relief in their times of struggle from food insecurity and poverty. We seek to work with the faith community and extend our programs and services to all those who need a helping hand. Below you will find several ways we can work hand-in-hand for our fellow neighbors in need.

Twice a year, we invite faith and community leaders to a round-table luncheon to discuss collaborative ideas for supporting our neighbors in need.

An ambassador is the eyes and ears between The Sharing Center and your church or faith group to communicate the latest and greatest.

Your contribution will show your commitment to preventing hunger and homelessness for those experiencing challenging times.

You can host a drive to collect highly needed items such as food, toiletries, gift cards, and other essential resources.

Groups are always welcome to serve in various opportunities such as Serve Saturday where groups can dedicate four hours of service.

As community partners, we work together towards helping our neighbors in need. Download our Faith Partner Handbook for more info.

Refer Families in Need

We welcome individuals and families living in Seminole County seeking assistance. Click below to download the Client Referral Form. Our partnership is critical to providing a helping hand to those in need.

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