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Our Mission

Mission and History

Faith partners throughout the community noticed an overwhelming need. Our neighbors were struggling and alone, churches and faith groups, could not bear turning them away. In 1986, leaders from 17 churches joined together to form The Christian Sharing Center, now formally known as The Sharing Center, as a beacon of light and hope during desperate times.

Today, The Sharing Center still carries the same mission to provide essential resources to those in need while ensuring dignity, reflecting Christian generosity, and sharing God’s love. Some of our major milestones over the last three decades are:

Thrift Program raised over $1,000,000 for the first time in 2019.

The Oasis, Seminole County’s only drop-in resource center for our homeless neighbors, opened in 2011.

Awarded 2019 Seminole County Agency of the Year by Second Harvest Food Bank.

In 2019, The Sharing Center provided over $2,800,000 worth of essential resources to our neighbors in need.

90¢ of every dollar raised is reinvested back into our families in need and programming.

Core Values

It is vital to the foundation of the organization to stand rooted in strong principles. In every interaction with the community, it is our intention to reflect our core values. The Sharing Center opens the doors to those experiencing hardships and needs a helping hand, regardless of faith, gender, creed, or position.

It is our goal to provide the neighbors in need to come to us for support, our volunteers, store shoppers, donors, community partners, church ambassadors, and everyone connected to our mission with the following:








Providing Hope

The Sharing Center was founded and continues to work in faith and hope. For those we serve, the challenges they are facing can feel hopeless to escape. It is our priority to serve with compassion and regenerate the hope they’ve lost through the life-changing programs we provide.

Last year alone, we helped over 16,000 individuals find their hope again and restore faith. It is because of caring friends of The Sharing Center – donors, volunteers, shoppers, and ambassadors – who make it possible!


Neighbors Served

(Between Oct. 1, 2018 - Sept. 30, 2019)

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