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Our Mission

Our Story

In 1986, leaders from 17 churches around Central Florida saw a need in our community. They recognized that great change is only possible when good works are done by individuals who work together to serve others.

Today, The Sharing Center has become the most comprehensive social services hub in Seminole County, serving those impacted by hardships, hunger, and homelessness. We believe in providing individuals and families with dignified solutions from the moment they arrive on our campus to the moment they depart.

Core Values

We are devoted to serving others with dignity and compassion. Regardless of someone’s background or journey, our doors are open to every member of our community facing hardships, hunger, and homelessness.

With every service we share with our community, we want to ensure our values are visible to all the moment they cross paths with us. Compassionrespecttransparencyaccountabilitydignity, community, and integrity are the foundation of all we do.

Our goal is to provide those seeking support to overcome trials and regain stability and everyone connected to our mission with a helping hand and kind gesture.

Center For Hope

Together, we have worked tirelessly to provide our community with dignified solutions to bridge the gap between families and individuals facing hardship on the path to stability. For many, the best service we can offer is hope.

In 2023, we served nearly 20,866 individuals seeking assistance to regain stability. Because of you, we are able to continue helping others. You – our donors, volunteers, shoppers, and ambassadors – make it possible to serve our community.

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