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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Pledges Funds to The Sharing Center

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Pledges $495,000 in Funding to Combat Housing Insecurity in Seminole County at The Sharing Center


LONGWOOD, FL (August 1, 2023)– The Sharing Center is proud to announce a generous funding allocation of $495,000 from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, made possible through the Governor’s Faith and Community-Based Initiative. This significant contribution will aid in addressing housing insecurity in Seminole County.

Representative David Smith (R), a staunch champion and supporter of The Sharing Center, helped secure this funding to support the organization’s mission. “We are tremendously thankful to Governor DeSantis for his visionary leadership and generous donation, as well as Representative David Smith, who has been instrumental in advocating for our cause. This transformative grant will enable us to address housing insecurity, a pressing issue many individuals and families face in our community,” expressed Nina Yon, President & CEO of The Sharing Center.

The $495,000 allocation will allow The Sharing Center to expand and strengthen its programs, supporting those facing housing insecurity. “The Sharing Center is committed to creating positive change within our community, and with the support of Governor DeSantis and Representative David Smith, we are better able to serve those in need,” continued Yon. “Their belief in our mission empowers us to continue fostering a brighter future for our Seminole County residents.”

The Sharing Center extends its profound gratitude to Governor Ron DeSantis and Representative David Smith for their unwavering dedication to the well-being of Florida citizens. Their support and advocacy have strengthened the organization’s ability to create a lasting impact on housing insecurity and positively transform the lives of countless individuals and families.

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