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Volunteer Spotlight: Betty

DeAnn Hollis once said, “The heart of a volunteer is never measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.” With this sentiment in mind, we can be sure that the heart of every volunteer at The Sharing Center is larger than life itself.

This rings true for our loyal and faithful volunteer, Betty. Since 2019, Betty has dedicated her time to supporting our mission, one she has committed to joyously.

Betty first found us as a shopper, until one day a conversation sparked with one of our volunteers. As former nurses, the pair connected on how meaningful and important it is to provide every member of our community with essential services and care.

“You’re building a relationship with the patient you are serving, and it’s the same thing you do when you are helping guests,” said Betty. “A service that they are always so appreciative of.”

Our volunteers are at the heart of every service we provide in our community. Without the commitment of individuals like Betty, we would not be able to dedicate the personalized care and attention that we do to every detail that occurs behind the scenes of our programs.

Betty volunteers in our Distribution Center, Thrift store, and the Boutique. She spends time sorting donated goods, conducting inspections, and hanging clothes in the stores. Additionally, she is also involved with our Share The Light GALA and Community Food Distributions. However, it is the connection she has been able to develop with our neighbors in need that she describes as the most fulfilling.

“I feel good doing this work, but I don’t want to dwell on what I feel,” Betty expressed. “I want to dwell on what I am doing to help someone else feel better and to help them.”

Our Thrift Program not only supports the programs we provide, but it also allows us to provide guests with clothing and shoes through a voucher program. During her volunteer shifts at the Thrift store, Betty has been able to build meaningful connections with the members of our community experiencing hardships and homelessness.

With the support of Volunteer Florida and the awarding of a $24,000 grant, we will be taking steps to strengthen our volunteer strategies and technologies. Over the past 36 years, we’ve had the opportunity to serve alongside so many amazing individuals like Betty. We hope to expand our volunteer program to make an even greater impact in our community.