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Thank You, Bank of America Charitable Foundation

No child should have to worry about homelessness. Unfortunately, that is a reality for many. 

Bank of America Charitable Foundation sees the importance of our mission to end homelessness. The Sharing Center is the recipient of $35,000 in grant funding to support our families experiencing housing instability and participating in our LifeBuilder program.  

LifeBuilder is special because of its focus on school-aged children. Childhood homelessness is traumatic and can have major negative impacts on educational achievements, graduation rates, and health. 

With eviction protections expiring, homelessness is expected to rise. This proves that investments in our programs addressing homelessness are more important now than ever. We hope to provide a stable home life for children so that we can help children grow into healthy, educated, and self-sufficient adults who have escaped the cycle of poverty. 

Bank of America Charitable Foundation has paired with that mission and invested in our program to shed light and hope in a seemingly dark time for children and families. This grant will be used to remove barriers to housing stability for local homeless families who are enrolled in our Lifebuilder program with rent/utility support and/or removing evictions from their credit reports.

“Helping disadvantaged communities like the ones The Sharing Center serves, is part of our ongoing strategic investment in Orlando and the surrounding communities,” said Steven Alch, President, Bank of America Orlando. “With these efforts, our goal is to drive economic opportunity and upward mobility for individuals and families looking for lifelong stability.”

Their partnership is key as we work to fight this critical mission. Corporate support will help shine the light on our mission, the true impact of our funding dollars, and hopefully encourage others to offer support as well! 

We are incredibly thankful to the Bank of America Charitable Foundation for its powerful impact on homelessness.