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Poverty by the Numbers

It costs approximately $35,424 for a single adult and $93,228 for a family of four to survive in Central Florida. That’s according to Heart of Florida United Way’s Household Survival Budget released in 2022, based on updated research conducted from public sources.

That means an individual needs to earn $40,000 to survive, and the parent(s) of a family of four needs to earn $100,000 — which leaves close to nothing for unexpected expenses.

The financial stress these families face is intense, and the cost of living continues to rise. Too many families are left making difficult decisions — delaying medical treatment, skipping a meal here or there, stretching your kids’ broken sneakers to go a little while longer, praying tires worn bald hold until the next paycheck.

Although these numbers are startling, our community can come together to find solutions for our neighbors in need.

The above information was provided by Heart of Florida United Way in partnership with The Sharing Center. To learn more about poverty statistics in Central Florida, follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for a recap of our Exploring Poverty Summit.