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Harvesting Faith: Unified Through The Storm

The final days of September were overcome with uneasiness and exhaustion as the landfall of Hurricane Ian left residents across Central Florida exposed. The catastrophic storm produced unprecedented amounts of flooding and destruction in its wake, but the heart of Seminole County has remained unwavering through it all.

While some were able to evacuate to hotels and travel to other states, our neighbors experiencing hardships, homelessness, and hunger were faced with many unknowns. The pressure of limited resources that unsheltered and vulnerable individuals and families experience is only exasperated by natural disasters. Essentials like food and water become scarce, and the increasing financial strain on the community creates a greater disparity for those working towards stability.

The following days, after the storm, demanded compassion and dignity from our community. However, the greatest need continues to be the service we share with those who are underserved and left with no where else to go when relief has dried up.

The Sharing Center reaches out to serve those impacted by Hurricane Ian with disaster response protocols put into action. Anyone seeking assistance can receive hot showers, laundry services, emergency food bags, clothing, and other essential items. So far, over 15,000 families and individuals have visited The Pantry and The Oasis due to the increase of food shortages and displacement this past year.

As a center for hope we are committed to caring for our community in all kinds of hardships. If you would like to support our Hurricane Relief efforts or are seeking assistance, please visit: