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The Spirit of Giving: A Thanksgiving Blessing

November is the kick started to the giving season. This is also the time of year that we hear heart-warming stories from the community like the one below. The extension of giving goes far beyond any season and this is one example of how, when we give, we transfer kindness and goodwill for years to come.

Our church, Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Lake Mary, assembled more than 200 baskets of food to be given out by The Sharing Center to families in need for the Thanksgiving holiday. I was at the grocery getting about four large carts full of things for the baskets. As I was checking out, two young people came up to me and asked if I needed help getting my carts to the car.  As we were pushing toward the door, one of them asked what I was doing with the food and I shared that we were packing baskets to be handed out by The Sharing Center for Thanksgiving. She got all excited and shouted back to her mother who was in line that this was going to The Sharing Center. Then her mother started shouting as well that she loved The Sharing Center and she wanted to get some food for me to take. When we were loading the car, the mother came out with a cart full of groceries. She explained that for the last couple of years she has gotten help from The Sharing Center and this year she is in a good enough position to give something back. I protested that she certainly did not have to give a cart full to which she replied that she had not bought all the food in the cart, three ladies behind her in the line put a whole bunch of food in when they heard her story. It was a great day to be associated with The Sharing Center.

Written by: Pastor Paul Hoyer of Holy Cross Lutheran Church – Lake Mary