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RISE Above Barriers: The Gust Needed To Soar

Rising Above Barriers
“I went into the year 2021 very optimistic, it was the year I finally would escape an emotionally, mentally and financially abusive marriage. After almost six years, I mustered the courage and resources to leave that relationship and set myself free.

I am a young mother of three boys, one who was recently diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). His name is Adrian, but on most days he likes to be referred to as “Peter Parker.” I had been the sole provider for my household for my entire marriage. 

Life hasn’t always been easy but I have been blessed to be able to work and provide for my family for as long as my Work Permit would allow”, Brenda shared.

Brenda never thought she would stand in a room full of people and share personal information with complete strangers, but felt strongly compelled to do so at our recent Good Samaritan Luncheon. 

The Good Samaritan Luncheon is an impactful, one-hour gathering of community leaders, professionals, and mission partners to connect with a shared commitment to preventing hunger and homelessness. The Sharing Center has supported our homeless friends and neighbors in need with financial assistance, food, and other essential resources – bridging the gap to create a clear path to stability.

Brenda’s story is an inspiration to all. She shared about the darkest moments in her life, and how The Sharing Center was there to be a helping hand in her time of need. 

“I was so scared of the judgment and humiliation associated with asking for help, especially as an immigrant woman. After all, I had been blessed with coming here. Asking for help, when it was clear I didn’t look like I belonged, was extremely hard for me. I sucked it up, swallowed my pride and went into the lobby anyway. I could feel the stares but I ignored them because I knew I had no way to pay my rent. I was greeted with nothing but a genuine smile on Tony’s face when he called me back to go over my application. I gave him all the paperwork and we sat together to get through it all.”

Brenda also received our services for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Her children had toys under the tree, and they were able to enjoy the holiday’s stress-free. 

“After Christmas I welcomed the new year sick with COVID-19, and again, had no way to pay for rent or utilities. My water had been cut off for a week and having never experienced the desperation of being without water in my life, I reached out to The Sharing Center. Tony didn’t even hesitate to resubmit my application and get a prompt approval. My rent was paid and my water was reconnected.”

Brenda expressed her gratitude for the helping hand, because with The Sharing Center, she was truly able to RISE above her barriers. “Thank you for being the wind beneath the wings that just need a little extra gust to soar.”