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REACH Volunteer Accepted to Princeton

At The Sharing Center, volunteers are considered family. Tens of thousands of hours every year are given to help our neighbors in need. Monday through Saturday, anywhere from 40 to over 100 volunteers are working throughout our campus and our community in dedication and service. Alex Tao is one of them. As an incoming freshman at Princeton University, he shares his experiences with REACH and volunteering at The Sharing Center. 

Alex began involvement with REACH, (Recognizing, Experiencing, Asian, Cultural, Heritage.) in the 7th grade. He carried his participation with REACH all throughout his time spent at Hagerty High School. 

REACH, based in Central FL, promotes the recognition and experience of Asian Cultural Heritage by reaching out to the Central Florida community. REACH provides many wonderful programs to foster young leaders in the Central Florida community through cultural performances, festival activities, and volunteer opportunities.

Through this connection, REACH learned about The Sharing Center and our mission. 

Once a month on a Saturday, students of REACH volunteer their time to The Sharing Center. Alex participated twice a month as an initiative for REACH to be involved with outreach and volunteerism. 

Alex, when asked about his experience volunteering at The Sharing Center stated, “Volunteering exposed me to situations and instances that I would not have had otherwise. I loved being able to serve with some of my greatest friends. I was able to grasp the idea of the community. which REACH is built on.” 

The Sharing Center would not be able to operate the way that it does without incredible and dedicated volunteers. We wish Alex all the best in his future endeavors and educational career path.