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Ground-Breaking of The Oasis Expansion and $100,000 partnership with Wharton-Smith Foundation

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Ground-Breaking of The Oasis Expansion and $100,000 partnership with Wharton-Smith Foundation

 LONGWOOD, FL (February 1, 2022)– With a dramatic increase in those experiencing hunger and homelessness in Seminole County, The Sharing Center, in partnership with The Wharton-Smith Foundation, has started a significant expansion project to meet the current demand. The Wharton-Smith Foundation is making a powerful impact to support The Sharing Center’s mission to prevent hunger and homelessness with a $100,000 donation. 

The Oasis was originally created in 2011 to address the needs of the growing homeless population in Seminole County. The location is positioned in a 1,200 square foot unit with The Sharing Center’s plaza featuring four washers and dryers, three showers, a small case manager office, and a small foyer area for checking in guests, computer area, charging station, and for providing meals.

The new project will triple the square footage of The Oasis, Seminole County’s only respite center for those experiencing hunger and homelessness. This expansion allows The Sharing Center to double the number of homeless individuals and families who can seek refuge, receive dignified care, and journey back to stability.

“The overwhelming need of the services we provide is ever-growing, and we want to continue to share those services at the maximum capacity,” says Nina Yon, President & CEO of The Sharing Center. “That said, we are certainly blessed with a community that cares for those underserved and has stepped up to make this expansion a reality.”

The Sharing Center will be adding 3,600 square feet to its existing Longwood facility. The construction of the facility will begin in February with a generous contribution and construction partnership from Wharton-Smith Inc. When complete in early Summer, the new space will include:

  • a state-of-the-art multi-purpose training center,
  • double the number of personal shower rooms,
  • double the number of industrial washer and dryer sets, and
  • additional space for case manager and partner offices

“Wharton-Smith has been a part of Seminole County for nearly a century and we look for as many ways as possible to improve the lives of our neighbors,” says Ron Davoli, President & CEO of Wharton-Smith Inc. “We have seen the impact of The Sharing Center for many years and we are pleased to support their critical mission for our community.”

About The Sharing Center: In 1986, 17 churches joined together to serve those experiencing hunger and homelessness. Today, The Sharing Center has grown to become the most comprehensive social services organization in Seminole County. Our mission is to provide essential resources to those in need while ensuring dignity, reflecting Christian generosity, and sharing God’s love. Last year, we served more than 13,000 individuals facing a range of difficult circumstances, including hunger and homelessness. For more details on how we’re inspiring hope in our community, visit

About The Wharton-Smith Foundation: In 2019, Wharton-Smith, Inc. announced the formation of the Wharton-Smith Foundation. The Wharton-Smith Foundation was created with the intention of purposefully expanding the company’s philanthropic endeavors. Wharton-Smith aims to grow the foundation during times of financial prosperity to consistently give back to the community in the future. With its creation also comes the opportunity to grow the foundation with generous contributions from our business partners, employees, and private individuals.

For further information or to contribute to the Wharton-Smith Foundation, contact Stephanie Pompeo, Vice President of Finance, at 407-321-8410 ext. 3316.

About Wharton-Smith, Inc.: Wharton-Smith was founded on the core values of trust and hard work, but also of humility and community involvement. For over 35 years, the Wharton-Smith team has had a continued focus on building communities, both with our quality projects and our dedication to the communities we serve. Our Mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations by performing with the highest quality, professionalism and fairness and by communicating with honesty and integrity at all times.

For further information, contact Kellyn Manders, at 407-321-8410 ext. 3370.