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Welcome, Board Members

With all of the exciting projects happening this upcoming year at The Sharing Center, we are also excited to welcome several new Board Members to lead our critical mission.

Our new board members have already shown the compassion and dedication this community needs to battle hunger and homelessness. We want to give a warm welcome to Ricardo Alicea, Marilyn Moran, and Michael Heald. 

Ricardo Alicea is the Managing Director of Wendover Group, a housing partner real estate development, investment, and management company. His vast knowledge of affordable housing will bring new insights into providing vital services to our work.

Marilyn Moran is a Partner of Ford Harrison LLP, a labor and employment law firm. Her experience will help guide our growing team.

Michael Heald is a CPA and a Partner of Purvis Gray, an audit and accounting consultant company. His financial knowledge will help The Sharing Center remain transparent and fiscally responsible. 

The Sharing Center’s Board of Directors is an extremely important part of our mission. Each member works together to continue to raise awareness and gain support from different parts of the community. Their strengths serve to make up the:

  • Executive Committee: Responsible for overseeing board policies and ensuring good governance practices.
  • Finance Committee: Primarily provide financial oversight for our organization.
  • Governance Committee: Responsible for measuring the quality of the board’s performance on a board level and on an individual level to ensure best practice of board performance.
  • Marketing Committee: Create awareness, and expand The Sharing Center’s visibility.
  • Development Committee: Leads the resource development efforts.

“Our Board of Directors is a huge part of the reason why we advance to great lengths to extend our helping hands and continue to raise the critically needed funds to further our mission”, said Nina Yon, President & CEO of The Sharing Center. “They bring to the table unique gifts and skills, they come tried and true with their talents and leadership. We are so grateful to our volunteer leadership!” 

We are so thankful to each of our board members for continuously offering their valuable time and talents to our mission. We are incredibly excited to witness the many ways our new board members will share their compassionate hearts with our neighbors in need. As well as expand our facilities, deeply connect with families in need, and continue to grow the organization to better meet the ever-growing needs of our community for the future.