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Welcome, Board Members

The Sharing Center is excited to welcome two new Board members, Larry Bonner and Bob Turnage. 

With all of the new and exciting projects in the future, both of these individuals will be instrumental in the growth of The Sharing Center.

Our new board members have already shown the compassion and dedication this community needs to battle hunger and homelessness.

Larry Bonner is the Former Director of Engineering & Construction Planning, for Duke Energy and currently is the Sponsor of Distribution System Capacity for all of Florida. His vast knowledge of engineering and construction planning will help support The Oasis expansion, retail expansion, and future growth planning.

Bob Turnage is the retired Vice President of First Consulting Group. His experience will help guide our new and exciting capital projects. Bob also serves on Seminole County planning and zoning committee.

What is your most impactful experience for service on The Sharing Center’s Board of Directors?

Bob Turnage shares, “I started as a volunteer in The Pantry. Wherever I can be of service, I’m happy. If that’s unloading food trucks, I’m happy. It’s obvious to me that this is the most effective charity in Seminole County that provides services to the community.” 

What projects are you most excited to see and join in this new volunteer leadership position?

B & L:
Both Bob and Larry shared a similar passion for our new expansion projects. The Sharing Center is quickly growing into the most comprehensive human services organization in Seminole County. Bob stated, “I’m really excited for ProjectRISE and the impact it will have on the community in need of workforce development.” Larry shared a similar sentiment, “I’m excited for the capital projects. There’s a number of arenas I can play in, and I’m excited to get a better insight to what’s happening in each department.”

What are you most passionate about with the work being done at The Sharing Center?

Larry Bonner, when posed with this question, quickly replied with his favorite quote by Kahlil Gibram, “You give, but little, when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” Larry continues, “The commitment to the community is real. The need of the community is great, and I see The Sharing Center truly serves those in need. I’ve always wanted to give back, to take the gifts and talents I’ve been blessed with, and share and align them with an organization that is doing incredible work.”

The Sharing Center’s Board of Directors is an extremely important part of our mission. Each member works together to continue to raise awareness and gain support from different parts of the community. We are so thankful to each of our board members for continuously offering their valuable time and talents to our mission. We are incredibly excited to witness the many ways our new board members will share their compassionate hearts with our neighbors in need.