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The Sharing Center Turns “Trash” to Treasure

Donating to The Sharing Center makes a difference in people’s lives. Every single item – no matter how big or small – that is donated is processed in The Sharing Center’s Distribution Center. Over 15,000 carts of products are donated every year. 95% of everything donated goes out in one of four ways:

  1. Drives over $1 million in sales, through our Thrift Program, to provide urgently needed financial assistance.
  2. Shared directly with our neighbors in need through our homeless and families in crisis programs.
  3. Generates revenue through partnerships with salvage companies and resale stores.
  4. Shared throughout the community through partner agencies, such as public libraries, correctional institutions, veteran agencies, pet agencies, and many more.

When you bring your treasures to The Sharing Center, you are helping to provide essential resources to those in need. Just last year, our salvaged donations raised an additional $32,000 which in turn helped almost 30 families with rent assistance.

Donations are essential to our programs. They are not only a major source of revenue to support our mission, but also provide over $750,000 a year in clothing, household goods, and furniture to our neighbors in need.

At The Sharing Center, you can guarantee that your donations are valued and important. Each donation matters and directly impacts those in need. To find out more information about the items we accept, a guide to donating, and where you can take additional items, visit our website