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Dignifying Poverty: From Homeless To Hopeful

Through Christ, we inspire dignified solutions for those experiencing poverty and homelessness. In 1986, leaders from 17 churches joined together to serve those experiencing hunger and homelessness. Today, The Sharing Center has grown to become the most comprehensive social services hub in Seminole County. Our team works to provide emergency financial assistance, groceries, clothes, showers, and other essential resources. We address immediate needs, as well as provide extended support through programs that lead individuals and families toward a better future and long-term stability. We are more than just a singular resource for those facing difficult circumstances.

Megan’s life changed forever after coming to The Sharing Center.

“A year ago, I was homeless, living in a tent in the woods and addicted to drugs. My friends at the time would tell me about The Sharing Center. They said it was a place in Longwood that helped the homeless. They said that I could go there to shower, get a new set of clothes, food, and even do laundry. It sounded a little too good to be true. Little did I know, this would be the same place that would change my life forever. 

Raymond Luther, a volunteer at The Sharing Center would bring me food every Friday, he told me about a housing program they offered. I filled out the application the following week. The process was so smooth, and any documents I didn’t have, The Sharing Center helped me get. They worked with me until I had everything together. Every night, I would dream of getting a place. 

Within a few weeks, I met one on one with a case manager. She looked at me and said ‘What if I told you, you’re not homeless anymore?’ It felt like a dream. The team set me up in a hotel the same week. They kept me off the streets, safe, with a roof over my head. They gave me hope, believed in me, and kept me safe, expecting nothing in return. Just knowing there were people who still believed in me, lit a fire in my soul. I can finally understand the saying, ‘You can move mountains with faith the size of a mustard seed.”

Today, I am 5 months clean, I am a Pharmacy Tech Intern, becoming dual certified in Pharmacy, cleared my license, and am taking the steps needed to start visitation with my daughter. I work 10 hour days and finally come home to my ‘own home’. I am forever grateful for The Sharing Center, and its guidance to help lead me back to stability.”