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With You, We Can

With YOU, We Can!

The combination of rising rent, inflation, and thinning resources is causing a quiet crisis in our community. In Seminole County, evictions have risen by 101% and foreclosures by 156% over the past year.

This means hardworking families are now experiencing homelessness – some for the very first time – at an alarming rate. 

The Sharing Center is working tirelessly to continue providing urgently needed financial assistance, nutritious food, and wrap-around solutions to help keep a roof over families’ heads. But, we cannot do it without YOU! 

Compared to the pre-COVID era, we are seeing an unprecedented increase of 160% in the average amount of financial assistance families need to stay in their homes.

We know, WITH YOU, WE CAN, continue helping struggling families navigate out of these difficult times and back into stability. We are calling on our community to make a critically needed gift TODAY. Your generosity will mean a family or individual can be relieved from the burdens of homelessness and supported in their journey back to stability.

Make an emergency gift NOW, before someone’s home is taken away. 

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