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To You

You Can Become a Change Maker Today!

At times, we can take for granted life’s essentials. For someone experiencing poverty, a warm shower, fresh laundry, a bicycle, or a new pair of shoes can mean the world. Every day, families are gifted with these and more so they are uplifted in their times of need. Yes, The Sharing Center provides food and financial assistance, but we also wrap our arms and hearts around our neighbors who find comfort in the “little things”. Today, you can bring hope into someone’s life who is on the brink or living homeless.

It is simple – to you, a bicycle is used for exercise; to them, a bicycle means having stable employment. To you, it is only a shower at the end of long day; to them, it is way to feel dignified in today’s world. To you, it is a new pair of shoes to add to the collection. To a child, it could be their only pair and proudest moment on the first day of school.

There is so much a gift of $25, $50, $250, or more can do!