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Serve Saturdays are the Best!

Written by: Cari Davidson, Board Member & Director of Human Resources at Corkcicle

Hello! My name is Cari Davidson. I’m the Director of Human Resources at Corkcicle and proud to be a new Board Member at The Sharing Center. As a new volunteer, I decided to start my volunteer journey at the Distribution Center (DC), where it all BEGINS for the retail operations!

I registered for a Saturday morning shift in November and recruited some awesome friends to join me! The first thing I noticed walking into the DC was the warm welcome we received. The staff (Brandon and Alpha) and other volunteers were really excited to see us. We were gloved (and already masked) and whisked off for a tour and training of the sorting process.

As I looked around the DC, I was impressed by the volume and variety of goods that have been donated by the community…toys, electronics, housewares, books, clothes, purses, shoes, and more! Donated goods come into the DC by wheeled carts and it’s a pretty busy donation flow on Saturdays. From there the staff and volunteers sort the goods and deliver them to their respective tables & shelves while listening, singing, and occasionally dancing, to the upbeat tunes playing in the background. Once the good are sorted in the DC, they are assessed for placement in the Thrift Store or Boutique.

My volunteer team sorted approximately 30 carts that morning and the staff asked us to please come back. We worked hard, had a lot of fun and felt like we made a big difference! I encourage you to come out and volunteer and please donate your goods to The Sharing Center.

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