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Paving Paths

Paving Paths to Stability…With Miles To Go

Families all over our community are anguished with looming evictions, worries of feeding their children, and the struggle of providing life’s basic essentials. It’s so important you know how you can help change these trials into hope and pave the path to stability. Yet, we have many more miles to go to build a community  free from the burdens of food insecurity and poverty.

Your generosity is needed today to provide urgently needed rent and mortgage assistance, food, and the essentials to prevent hunger and homelessness.

Allow us to continue supporting families and individuals by making a gift now! 

With the generous partnership of The Briar Team, Miles To Go Charities, and an anonymous donor – your gift today will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000! On Giving Tuesday ONLY, thanks to the generosity of Wayne Densch Charities, Inc. and two, family donors, your gifts will be matched up to $20,000 also.

Remember, the new CARES Act law allows you to claim up to $300 in donations when filing a standard deduction. 

The Path of Two Friends

At the onset of the pandemic, two friends began struggling to make ends meet. They were both laid off from their jobs due to budget cuts, shortages, and the company’s inability to continue to employ employees. For a time, they were able to utilize the PPP governmental program assistance, until this aid ran out. They were able to sustain themselves and pay rent through the tough summer months by taking on Instacart jobs whenever and wherever they could. However, as hard as they tried, that money too began to run out. That’s when they came to us for help to cover August and September’s rent so they could save enough from odd jobs here and there to make it until they can find more steady employment. Here at The Sharing Center, because of the generosity of friends, neighbors, and strangers alike, their August, September, AND October’s rent was paid. Tears rolled down their cheeks in gratitude for those who shared their generosity and compassion with them. There is power in community helping to pave the path to stability. Without this support, the two friends could quite possibly experience homelessness – something all of us can help prevent.