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Have you heard us on the radio?

Written by: Andy Hockemeyer, Marketing & Communications Committee Member at The Sharing Center

My name is Andy Hockemeyer and I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell my quick story about how I came to know The Sharing Center.  It was about four years ago when a board member invited me to a breakfast to learn about The Sharing Center.  At the breakfast I was blown away by two things – the first thing was all of the amazing things that The Sharing Center does and helps with – from the food pantry to the Oasis center to the thrift store to giving shoes to kids in need and even to helping people in need with a rent or utility payment….I learned that The Sharing Center does amazing work in our community!

The second thing I learned is more people NEED TO KNOW about The Sharing Center.  At the point I’d lived in Central Florida for six years and had never once heard of The Sharing Center.  I thought to myself that this is a place that really needed help getting their message out in the community.  Luckily – this is where I could do my part.

I work for Cox Media Group and we have six radio stations….this is something I could help with…getting their message out to our community via the radio. Within a few months of that tour I was nominated and accepted a position on their board. Since then – I’ve tried to help as much as possible with PSA’s on our radio stations.  Each year with the blessing on my managers at the stations – we run thousands of PSA announcements supporting the different fundraisers, programs and initiatives of The Sharing Center.  These PSA announcements air on WMMO 98.9, WDBO 107.3 FM/580 AM, WWKA 92.3, WPYO 95.3 and WCFB Star 94.5.  The Sharing Center does amazing work in our community and hopefully with the help of Cox Media Group … more and more people will come to know The Sharing Center.