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Congratulations to our Board Member, Pauline Ho

This year we welcomed several new Board Members to join The Sharing Center’s mission and help carry the organization forward into the future. Pauline Ho is one of our newest Board Members. We are thrilled to share with our community of her recent accolades as a Distinguished Leader in Central Florida. Pauline is a U.S. Certified Public Accountant bringing her years of financial planning expertise to strengthen the core of The Sharing Center. In 2008, she founded Laus Consulting Services, LLC helping families make critical decisions to find financial stability.

Before, joining the Board of Directors, Pauline toured our campus walking through each of the areas where families are guided toward stability. One struck her heart the most – our Oasis. “It was a humbling experience to witness. I looked on, imagining the disciples washing the feet of those in need.”, says Mrs. Ho.

While speaking with Pauline about this recent accomplishment, she was asked, “What do you feel is the most important factor to preventing hunger and homelessness?” She immediately responded, “Financial education and for those who can, help provide the tools to be a fisherman.” Mrs. Ho has a compassionate heart for our neighbors in need and has served on various boards throughout the Central Florida.

“What would you like to see for the future of The Sharing Center?”, Pauline was asked. “Capabilities to expand facilities, to deeply connect with families in need as well as stabilize the organization for the future.”

Her community work is significant, her compassion is people-focused, and we are blessed to have her as part of The Sharing Center family.