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When you join the Circle of Care, you are making a last difference in the lives and sharing a helping hand with our neighbors in need  Рall year-round. So many families, right here, right now, are experiencing personal hardships and together, we can help guide each family and individual to a place of stability. Start today by making a recurring gift for 12, 24, or 36 months.

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Meet Charles Wright

Walking into Charlie’s two-bedroom duplex, one could never know the stories of the man who lived inside. Homelessness was Charlie’s greatest fear as a young man and one day it was his reality. Originally from the Cleveland area, he shared stories of an upbringing like yours and mine. Dinners with family and daily chores. After a divorce and the news of his mother’s health failing, he made the move to Jackson, Mississippi where his daily routine was working two, sometimes, three jobs. When his mother passed away, he experienced his greatest fear for the first time – homelessness. This new existence awakened the survivor in him and he recalls sleeping in an abandoned warehouse where the gaping hole in the ceiling, served as his only source of drinking water and to bathe.

Yet, he didn’t give up and crumble. His faith carried him forward. Charlie grew up reciting scriptures and says it never left his mind or his side. Eventually a family member residing in Florida gave him a new home. Living in Altamonte Springs with a roof over his head was a true blessing. However, unexpectedly, family issues arose and he found himself once again experiencing homelessness; only now with a lung condition, COPD, making it extremely hard for him to breathe. In his new outdoor home in the woods off of Station St. near Ronald Reagan Boulevard, The Sharing Center welcomed him with warm showers, food, and assistance to find him a new home. Charlie worked hard to change his own life and The Sharing Center’s Oasis team was there by his side. Today, he is at ease, planning for the future, listening to audio-books, and enjoying time with his fiance and grandson. He is grateful for the support of The Sharing Center and speaks about giving back to the younger generation with his testimony.