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The Sharing Center has plans to expand and fortify a stronger path to stability for families in need. The 21FUND is an opportunity for you to choose how you want to make an impact in our community.

Every contribution will help DOUBLE the impact of The Oasis and Retail Program.

Choose to give to the Respite Fund, help our clients make progress with the Forward Fund, or strengthen our campus and facilities through the Village Fund. Every gift will help The Sharing Center expand to meet the growing needs of our neighbors experiencing food insecurity, homelessness, and poverty.

The number of families and individuals facing and experiencing homelessness in Seminole County is growing. The Oasis helps light the way back to stability for one-fourth of our counties homeless population. You contribution to the RespiteFUND can help double the impact and size of The Oasis – thus, doubling those who can be served.

Our neighbors will continue facing the realities of poverty unless we serve as a guiding light. Through the ForwardFUND, your generosity will create the space needed for our neighbors in need to access vocational training, one-on-one journey management, and extended services such as mental health counseling, legal aid, and housing counseling.

It is The Sharing Center’s goal to create a social services hub where families and individuals can access the critical and urgent resources those experiencing food insecurity and poverty desperately need. It is with your support to the VillageFUND that we are able to realize this vision enabling The Sharing Center is do more and serve more.

Light the Way

The mother of this young boy is homeless. She is now on her path to stability. Only because of generous strangers who believed they could change both of their lives.