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What items are outreached to clients from the thrift?

Seminole County residents and homeless persons in need of assistance may request help with clothing, shoes and other basic needs during their visit.   A wide variety of goods are available from our thrift outreach program including pots, pans and kitchen items, linens, beds, camping equipment for the homeless, and school clothes for children, as examples.

Clients first meet with a case manager for a comprehensive review of their needs.  The case manager will then issue a voucher for the client to shop in the thrift store for the outreach items.


If clothing help is requested, each member of the family receives a voucher to shop for up to 15 articles of clothing, including slacks, shirts, shoes, and belts.  The clients then browse and shop in the store to find the best fit and style to suit their needs.


If other household items are requested, the case manager will work with the store to determine availability of the items and then issue a voucher to the client to shop and receive those goods.


Clients "check out" at a special voucher desk located in the back of the thrift store.

How does the voucher system work and how much is given away?

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How often can people request help with clothing and other goods?

Assistance for clothing and shoes is provided to families, individuals and homeless persons Monday through Friday, 9am to noon.  Clients are required to bring in documentation each time they visit.  (Please see our "Get Help" page for a current list of documents.)


Clients may request help with clothing once every four months (3 times per year).  Additional vouchers may be provided at the discretion of the case manager.

Where do the clothes and goods come from?

We collect and distribute clothing and goods donated by individuals, churches, businesses and retail merchants.  We accept donations daily at our warehouse located in The Sharing Center plaza, and we also schedule large load pick-ups for our truck, driver and helper for furniture, appliances and other large items.


Items are received, sorted, organized, and tested by volunteers in our warehouse.  Once ready, the goods are brought to the thrift store for clients and shoppers to browse and purchase.

Thrift outreach program impact

  • $600,000 in  goods given away each year

  • Over 5,800 clothing vouchers distributed

  • Over $700,000 in sales  last year helped fund client programs

Thrift Outreach Program Helps In Many Ways


What do you do with the profits from sales in the thrift store?

The profits from the thrift, boutique and furniture stores are used to support client services and outreach programs to prevent hunger and homelessness.  Examples include financial assistance for rents, mortgages and utilities, distributing food, paying for medical prescriptions and diagnostics, and offering showers, haircuts and laundry services to the homeless.


Over 90 cents of every dollar of support received by The Christian Sharing Center is spent on client programs.

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