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By The Sharing Center, Jun 18 2018 05:48PM

UPDATE: Together we can do more! Almost 100 donors contributed to help raise a total of $72,000 in this 10 day campaign, truly a community effort. The Sharing Center, would like to extend a tremendous thank you to everyone for supporting this effort. It’s because of your generous hearts that this ministry continues to thrive.

CenuryLink Campaign to Fight Hunger

Monetary donations made to The Christian Sharing Center will have an even bigger impact on fighting hunger in Seminole County thanks to a matching program by CenturyLink.

The Christian Sharing Center has once again been selected as a beneficiary of the global Century Link Campaign to Fight Hunger, gaining the opportunity to earn additional donations plus matching dollars. The CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation will match total donations to the campaign up to $1 million.

The drive runs June 4-15, and donations must be submitted through to be eligible for matching dollars. When donating please specify Christian Sharing Center as the beneficiary. Last year we raised $27,000 and this year our goal is $35,000.

CenturyLink has partnered with more than 140 food banks supporting communities where the company operates around the globe. Matching dollars will be allocated based on the amount of donations directed to each organization.

"CenturyLink understands that, due to our ability to buy in bulk at Second Harvest Food Bank, we can have much more impact with donated dollars than our supporters could have by shopping for us in a local market," said Jon, Pantry Manager. "We're very excited about this effort and our potential to earn matching dollars. "We are proud to support The Sharing Center through the CenturyLink Campaign to Fight Hunger so they can help even more individuals and families in need." said Sondra Smith, CenturyLink director of corporate social responsibility.

The Sharing Center distributes over 56,144 bags of food valued at approximately $1.5 million annually to Seminole County families and homeless in crisis.

As summer arrives there is an increase in services needed for families and it's typically a time when we receive the least donations. The Sharing Center makes good use of every dollar you donate - and every bit of the matching funds received due to your generosity.