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The Board of Directors Advances Our Mission

By The Sharing Center, Jan 11 2019 04:39PM

The 20 people who make up The Sharing Center's Board of Directors come from a wide variety of businesses and professions, but they share one important trait, says the board's chairperson, Brian Cox.

"The common denominator is an interest in what The Sharing Center does and the service it provides," says Cox, a financial adviser for Merrill Lynch in Heathrow who joined the board in 2013.

In addition to financial experts, the board includes attorneys, business owners, corporate executives and more. Board members are selected for their expertise, philanthropic interests, and for their connections in the community. When the staff has a problem it can't solve, chances are there's a board member who can help. Cox says that as chairperson, he's committed to helping The Sharing Center continue its mission of service to the community.

When The Sharing Center began in 1986, the board was made up of representatives of supporting churches, founder Angie Romagosa recalls. But as the Center grew, so did the need for members who had diverse expertise and the ability to expand the financial and in-kind support necessary through their community networks. Gradually, the makeup of the board expanded. "We started including business people who had a heart for the ministry," Romagosa says.

Today's board works to ensure that The Sharing Center is financially secure while overseeing its operations, policies and development, Romagosa says. One indicator of the board's success is that The Sharing Center consistently earns high ratings from Charity Navigator for financial management and transparency.

Cox emphasizes that board members are active leaders and ambassadors of The Sharing Center. A primary responsibility is to "get out and invite other leaders in the community to partner with us - either with financial support, volunteer support or other donations," he says. "The ties we each have in the community help to extend our reach and advance our mission." Learn More About Our Board Members