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Sweet Charity Message by Angie Romagosa

By The Sharing Center, Sep 28 2018 02:00PM

I know that many of you have heard the “Starfish Story,” in which a young child is rescuing starfish which have washed ashore and gently tosses them back into the ocean. When a man crushes his spirit by remarking he can not save them all, he picks one up, throws it into the surf and says, “Well, I made a difference to that one!”

Many years ago I told my mother that I hoped I would make a difference in someone’s life. I had no idea that God’s plan would allow me to change not one but many lives through my work at The Sharing Center. It is your support that helps to fulfill this mission.

I recently announced my intent to retire in 2019, making this year’s Sweet Charity not just “sweet” but “bittersweet” for me. As I look back to the first year that The Sharing Center sponsored a “Wine and Chocolate” event, I see how much it has grown. All of you have made Sweet Charity a success and made it possible for our client services team to help the 15,000 plus people we serve each year.

As partners we make a difference every day in our community. Perhaps not to all but to each person we encounter, one at a time.

The Starfish
The Starfish