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Introducing Our New Grants Manager: Wendy Shiner

By The Sharing Center, May 23 2019 08:51PM

The Sharing Center is pleased to welcome Wendy Shiner, our new Grants Manager who has been writing for well over 15 years. More recently, Wendy has worked with for-profit grant writing companies, writing grants directly for nonprofit agencies, and helping start-up nonprofits build their organizations. Her writing expertise revolves around social services that includes homelessness, child abuse, domestic violence, rapid re-housing, and mental health therapy, and referral services. A perfect fit!

When the opportunity presented itself, Wendy was quick to apply. "I have shopped at the thrift store for years. How ironic is it that one of my favorite spots in Central Florida also had an opening!". Grant support is an essential element of providing programs and services, which change peoples lives. We are truly grateful to all the foundations and corporations that support our mission of providing essential resources to those in need while ensuring their dignity.