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Founder Reflections and Farewell from Angie Romagosa

By The Sharing Center, Feb 11 2019 09:18PM

The Sharing Center is a community built by a community. Thirty-three years ago the South Seminole Christian Sharing Center was a fledgling organization in every way. So much has changed! Today we serve more people, our building is bigger, the staff is larger, our services have increased and the budget is measured in the millions, not the hundreds. But more important than what has changed is what has not changed.

With a tiny budget and a staff of one, we were limited in what we could physically offer but wanted to give families hope for something better and treat them as we all deserve.....with compassion and dignity. Those words have been lived out countless times at the Sharing Center and form the cornerstone for who we are as the hands and feet of Jesus.

I am filled with gratitude that sixteen churches and a handful of volunteer board members were willing to take a chance on a young inexperienced girl who had little to offer but a heart for ministry and two willing hands.

I am moved by the donors who have sacrificed to make The Sharing Center a reality. Every gift whether it was pennies taped to paper and delivered by a child, an odd amount numbered on a check that you know represents a tithe, a $25 gift every single month or a check with endless zeroes represents something that a donor could buy but choose not to.

Admiration fills my heart as I speak to volunteers who give their precious time to serve others. Former company CEOs sorting clothes in the Distribution Center, business owners packing food bags so others can eat, busy men and women cleaning showers and doing laundry for the homeless, executives willing to serve on our Board of Directors, and countless others who have made their second career "VOLUNTEER". They make our mission possible.

The Sharing Center staff is an inspiration to me. They are experienced, talented, hard-working people who have made the choice to serve others in a world with a reputation for low wages, long hours and little benefits. They don't work; they serve with joy.

Most importantly I am inspired by the courage of so many Sharing Center families. It is the homeless man who thanked me for a bus ticket as though it was a new car, the young man who called in to say we saved his life with a shower and a bag of groceries, the mother who told me she had to hide the food we gave her so her abusive husband wouldn't get angry and the chance to fulfill a wheelchair bound child's fantasy for a pizza party by delivering pizza to her and six friends. These are the heroes of the ministry you have helped create.

The next chapter of the Sharing Center will continue the mission of preventing homelessness and hunger and address new demands with devoted staff, volunteers, and the next generation of leadership. While this is an exciting time and I look forward to retirement, there is also a bit of sadness. Because at the end of my tenure I will exit the building but I will forever leave a piece of my heart behind.

Angie Romagosa, Founder
Angie Romagosa, Founder