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Chief Executive Officer Position Closed Dec. 2018

By The Sharing Center, Oct 1 2018 03:13PM

Summary Overview:

The President/CEO serves as the chief executive officer of the non profit ministry and of its properties. The CEO works in partnership with the Board of Directors and is responsible for the overall success and daily operations of the organization. The CEO is accountable to both the Board and its donors while ensuring that the organization adheres to its Mission Statement and Vision Statement. The President/CEO is expected to reflect the organizational values of compassion, integrity, empathy, accountability, hope and joy while offering God’s love in service to all.

Essential Job Functions:

The President/CEO is responsible for performing certain essential job functions, including but not limited to the following:

• Present and be the “face” of the ministry in the community.

• Inspire the ministry, including among employees and volunteers, to ensure the continued vision and mission.

• Ensure fiscally responsible organizations.

• Oversee and ensure satisfaction with operational goals, activities, and functions.

• Inform and advise the Board of Directors on critical budgetary, financial, and operational issues and opportunities regarding both the ministry and management of our center.

• Develop in conjunction with the Finance Committee a balanced Annual Budget.

• Develop and maintain a collegial relationship with the Board of Directors.

• Analyze and identify trends and future opportunities that affect (or may affect) our clientele.

• Assure quality staff and management by hiring, maintaining, and training personnel, and by providing continued opportunities for professional growth and development.

• Manage all organizational activities, day-to-day operations, recruitment and retention of personnel, and other activities necessary to ensure the efficient and productive functioning of the organization.

• Ensure clients, staff, and volunteers are treated with respect and dignity.

• Maintain and file all legal and regulatory documents, and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

• Handle complex problems, balance multiple tasks and make timely decisions on a variety of matters, including operational, and administrative issues.

• Attend and actively participate in fundraising events, community activities, and functions that support and/or affect the mission of the ministry.

• Assume ultimate responsibility for the overall operation of the ministry and its properties.


The President/CEO should:

• Have extensive experience with non-profits with an advanced degree preferred

• Have a heart for the ministry as expressed in the Mission Statement.

• Possess excellent managerial/organizational skills with strength in problem solving, decision-making and team building.

• Demonstrate ability to take initiative, be inspirational, and share a vision for the ministry.

• Possess excellent written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, in addition to competence in public speaking.

• Demonstrate a history of high moral character, sound judgement, and both personal and professional integrity.

Job Type: Full-time

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