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By The Sharing Center, Dec 10 2018 09:02PM

Did you know Amazon has a give back program called Amazon Smile? Instead of logging into Amazon go to and they will donate 5% of your purchase to The Christian Sharing Center. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service evewn your prime account works the same on AmazonSmile.

It's like two gifts in one.

By The Sharing Center, Nov 21 2018 03:20PM

Department: Client Services

Reports to: Director of Client Services

Summary: Oversee the daily operations of the OASIS, drop in center for the homeless, ensuring that all are treated with respect and dignity and that their needs are handled in a caring and efficient manner.

Other responsibilities include:

Open and manage day to day operations of the OASIS.

Recruit, train, and manage volunteers.

Maintain safe, secure, and healthy work environment by following safety practices and policies and compliant with all health and safety regulations

Public speaking.

Network and collaborate with community churches and local businesses.

Communicate openly with staff and volunteers.

Clean common areas, showers, laundry, and ensure facility is presentable.

Assessing clients’ needs holistically through face to face interviews.

Determine housing eligibility.

Providing case management support to clients.

Preparing and reviewing clients’ budget.

Ensuring compliance with funders’ requirements.

Collecting, maintaining and scanning all required documentation and ensuring data is complete and accurate.

Maintaining accurate case notes.

Data entry.

Perform other duties as requested or required.

Time Requirements:

This is a full-time hourly position and requires some evenings and weekends

Qualifications include:

A heart for ministry through the Sharing Center

Ability to work with minimal supervision

Excellent organizational skills

Excellent verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills

Ability to handle crisis situations

Ability to enforce rules and polices

Ability to document and complete data entry in a timely manger

Ability to effectively manage homeless individuals in a non-judgmental manner

Compassion, initiative, flexibility and good judgment

Listening and interviewing skills

Excellent customer service

Ability to manage and work with volunteers

Knowledge of community social service programs

Problem-solving skills

Ability to work as a team

Computer literacy and working experience of Outlook, HMIS or other client database experience strongly preferred.

How to Apply / Contact

Please submit resumes to

No phone calls please.

By The Sharing Center, Nov 8 2018 07:00PM

Papal Honors recognize those who are outstanding examples of lifelong selflessness and distinguished service to others. These are special expressions of papal praise and gratitude of the Holy Father and the entire Catholic community. On November 4th, the Benemerenti Honor was conferred upon Angie Romagosa for her 32 years of dedicated efforts preventing homelessness for struggling families and aiding the homeless community in Seminole County.

The Benemerenti Medal was originally established by the Pope as an award for soldiers in the late 18th century. The medal was later extended to members of the clergy and laity for exceptional service to the community and the Roman Catholic Church. It can be granted to persons as young as 35 and its reception is open to Catholics as well as members of other faith traditions.

By The Sharing Center, Oct 1 2018 03:13PM

Summary Overview:

The President/CEO serves as the chief executive officer of the non profit ministry and of its properties. The CEO works in partnership with the Board of Directors and is responsible for the overall success and daily operations of the organization. The CEO is accountable to both the Board and its donors while ensuring that the organization adheres to its Mission Statement and Vision Statement. The President/CEO is expected to reflect the organizational values of compassion, integrity, empathy, accountability, hope and joy while offering God’s love in service to all.

Essential Job Functions:

The President/CEO is responsible for performing certain essential job functions, including but not limited to the following:

• Present and be the “face” of the ministry in the community.

• Inspire the ministry, including among employees and volunteers, to ensure the continued vision and mission.

• Ensure fiscally responsible organizations.

• Oversee and ensure satisfaction with operational goals, activities, and functions.

• Inform and advise the Board of Directors on critical budgetary, financial, and operational issues and opportunities regarding both the ministry and management of our center.

• Develop in conjunction with the Finance Committee a balanced Annual Budget.

• Develop and maintain a collegial relationship with the Board of Directors.

• Analyze and identify trends and future opportunities that affect (or may affect) our clientele.

• Assure quality staff and management by hiring, maintaining, and training personnel, and by providing continued opportunities for professional growth and development.

• Manage all organizational activities, day-to-day operations, recruitment and retention of personnel, and other activities necessary to ensure the efficient and productive functioning of the organization.

• Ensure clients, staff, and volunteers are treated with respect and dignity.

• Maintain and file all legal and regulatory documents, and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

• Handle complex problems, balance multiple tasks and make timely decisions on a variety of matters, including operational, and administrative issues.

• Attend and actively participate in fundraising events, community activities, and functions that support and/or affect the mission of the ministry.

• Assume ultimate responsibility for the overall operation of the ministry and its properties.


The President/CEO should:

• Have extensive experience with non-profits with an advanced degree preferred

• Have a heart for the ministry as expressed in the Mission Statement.

• Possess excellent managerial/organizational skills with strength in problem solving, decision-making and team building.

• Demonstrate ability to take initiative, be inspirational, and share a vision for the ministry.

• Possess excellent written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, in addition to competence in public speaking.

• Demonstrate a history of high moral character, sound judgement, and both personal and professional integrity.

Job Type: Full-time

Apply on Careerbuilder

By The Sharing Center, Sep 28 2018 02:00PM

I know that many of you have heard the “Starfish Story,” in which a young child is rescuing starfish which have washed ashore and gently tosses them back into the ocean. When a man crushes his spirit by remarking he can not save them all, he picks one up, throws it into the surf and says, “Well, I made a difference to that one!”

Many years ago I told my mother that I hoped I would make a difference in someone’s life. I had no idea that God’s plan would allow me to change not one but many lives through my work at The Sharing Center. It is your support that helps to fulfill this mission.

I recently announced my intent to retire in 2019, making this year’s Sweet Charity not just “sweet” but “bittersweet” for me. As I look back to the first year that The Sharing Center sponsored a “Wine and Chocolate” event, I see how much it has grown. All of you have made Sweet Charity a success and made it possible for our client services team to help the 15,000 plus people we serve each year.

As partners we make a difference every day in our community. Perhaps not to all but to each person we encounter, one at a time.

The Starfish
The Starfish

By The Sharing Center, Jul 3 2018 05:48PM

Department: Client Services


Oversee the case management of LifeBuilder participants ensuring that all are treated with respect and dignity and that their needs are handled in a caring and efficient manner. Position will oversee case load of 12-15 families per year. LifeBuilder Program Information

Other responsibilities include:

Assessing clients’ needs holistically through face to face interviews.

Determining eligibility for program.

Facilitate monthly workshops for participants.

Conduct home visits to ensure participants compliance with program.

Providing food, clothing vouchers, and financial assistance to clients.

Providing support to clients.

Preparing and reviewing clients’ budget.

Ensuring compliance with funders requirements.

Collecting, maintaining and scanning all required documentation and ensuring data is complete and accurate.

Maintaining accurate case notes.

Data entry.

Networking and collaborating with community churches and social service agencies.

Representing the Sharing Center at community meetings and events.

Communicating openly with staff and volunteers.

Providing referrals to CSC programs and outside agencies.

Performing other duties as requested or required.

Time Requirements:

The Service Coordinator is a full-time position and will require some evenings and weekends.

Qualifications include:

A heart for ministry through The Sharing Center

Ability to work with minimal supervision

Excellent organizational skills

Excellent verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills

Compassion, initiative and good judgment

Listening skills

Interviewing skills

Knowledge of community social service programs

Problem-solving skills

Ability to work as a team

Computer literacy and working experience of Outlook, MACLINK, HMIS or other client database experience strongly preferred.

Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or related field, or equivalent experience.

To apply please email resumes to Dan Ryan, Client Services Director:

By The Sharing Center, Jun 18 2018 05:48PM

UPDATE: Together we can do more! Almost 100 donors contributed to help raise a total of $72,000 in this 10 day campaign, truly a community effort. The Sharing Center, would like to extend a tremendous thank you to everyone for supporting this effort. It’s because of your generous hearts that this ministry continues to thrive.

CenuryLink Campaign to Fight Hunger

Monetary donations made to The Christian Sharing Center will have an even bigger impact on fighting hunger in Seminole County thanks to a matching program by CenturyLink.

The Christian Sharing Center has once again been selected as a beneficiary of the global Century Link Campaign to Fight Hunger, gaining the opportunity to earn additional donations plus matching dollars. The CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation will match total donations to the campaign up to $1 million.

The drive runs June 4-15, and donations must be submitted through to be eligible for matching dollars. When donating please specify Christian Sharing Center as the beneficiary. Last year we raised $27,000 and this year our goal is $35,000.

CenturyLink has partnered with more than 140 food banks supporting communities where the company operates around the globe. Matching dollars will be allocated based on the amount of donations directed to each organization.

"CenturyLink understands that, due to our ability to buy in bulk at Second Harvest Food Bank, we can have much more impact with donated dollars than our supporters could have by shopping for us in a local market," said Jon, Pantry Manager. "We're very excited about this effort and our potential to earn matching dollars. "We are proud to support The Sharing Center through the CenturyLink Campaign to Fight Hunger so they can help even more individuals and families in need." said Sondra Smith, CenturyLink director of corporate social responsibility.

The Sharing Center distributes over 56,144 bags of food valued at approximately $1.5 million annually to Seminole County families and homeless in crisis.

As summer arrives there is an increase in services needed for families and it's typically a time when we receive the least donations. The Sharing Center makes good use of every dollar you donate - and every bit of the matching funds received due to your generosity.

By The Sharing Center, Jun 15 2018 03:52PM

Title of Position - Cashier, Part-Time

Department - Thrift Store

Reports to – Store Manager & Assistant Store Manager


Work with Store and Assistant Manager to oversee day to day sales, operation of the register and assisting of customers.

Responsibilities Include:

Greeting customers in a friendly manner

Helping to realize sales goals by ringing up sales and adding on sales at the register

Helping to organize and merchandise

Working under the direction of store management

Helping deter shoplifting by greeting customers and keeping a watchful eye

Keeping cash wrap area clean and organized

Keeping supplies for register and debit machine on hand

Keeping traffic flowing by ringing sales in timely fashion

Taking the initiative to price items that are brought to cash wrap by customers

Assisting management by clearing sidewalk and store front of miscellaneous items at closing time

Flexibility in assisting clients with clothing vouchers

Time requirements:

Part-time as scheduled. May also include Saturdays and special events after normal business hours



Heart for the ministry

Team player

Able to make change and operate a credit card machine and cash register

Great customer service skills

Ability to take initiative

Willing to stand/walk for long periods of time without a break

Able to stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl

Able to lift, pull, push, carry up to twenty-five (25) pounds

Contact: Matt Borchelt, Director of Stores at

By The Sharing Center, Jun 6 2018 09:00AM

Thrift Store shoppers and donors rejoice, there is now more incredible furniture for sale at bargain prices in our spacious new showroom.

The Sharing Center has opened a dedicated Furniture Store in its plaza just a few doors down from the Thrift Store & Boutique. The newly renovated, 2,200-square-foot location offers sofas, chairs, dining sets, beds, desks, lighting and other home furnishings - including items for babies and children. It also includes a selection of major appliances such as washers, dryers, ranges and refrigerators.

This store "will allow us to accept more furniture and give away more," says Sharing Center President/CEO Angie Romagosa, noting that clients of the Center who need furniture will be able make selections as well.

The expansion also includes a renovation of the Thrift Store & Boutique. Shoppers can now find terrific items in newly created departments such as sporting goods, electronics, children & infants and home décor. Improving our customer experience and offering even more quality used items at budget friendly prices is our main goal.

"We are excited to have the opportunity to display and sell more furniture and lamps, along with the collectible items we advertise on Craigslist, to benefit The Sharing Center ministry," says Jim Lillo, Furniture Store Manager. Additional volunteers are needed Monday through Saturday in the new store to assist with sales. If you're interested, contact Volunteer Manager Patricia Shields, 407-691-3138.

By The Sharing Center, Jun 4 2018 05:13PM

There can ever be only one Founder, one person who takes a vision and makes it realty. The Sharing Center has been extraordinarily blessed that Angie Romagosa took that leap of faith 32 years ago! No one could’ve imagined the number of lives that have been forever changed since she inspired our community to join hands and minister to families and homeless in crisis.

At our recent Good Samaritan Breakfast Angie announced this is her last year as President/CEO of The Christian Sharing Center. On March 31, 2019 we will be saying good bye to our Founder. Today we’d like to share Angie’s inspiring speech in her own words . . .

This is the beginning of my final year, my long good-bye and my last Good Samaritan Breakfast. From time to time over the years I have complained about the customers, the staff, the clients maybe even the board; so people have asked me “why do you stay?” The reason is that if I have the chance to make a difference in one person’s life then the job is worthwhile so just imagine if you have the chance to make a difference in someone’s life every single day!

If we want to increase our influence in the lives of people around us, we need to invest in them and in our relationships with them. Investing in people is more than money; it requires time, interest, and attention. It means that we care about what people are going through and how they feel. It means that we build relationships with them.

Through our amazing LifeBuilder program we are changing the lives of homeless familes who are willing to commit to this three year life skill building process. Our case managers listens to their needs, connects them to the right resources offers them hope for something better. Thank you to United Way, Nativity Church and Disney for financially backing us so that we can help these families.

In our Oasis, drop-in center we offer hope to the countless homeless who come looking for a shower, a haircut or freshly laundered clothes. Thank you to Holy Cross Lutheran Ministries for your willingness to offer a second chance to our homeless brothers and sisters by building and equipping this facility.

After Hurricane Irma we saw people impacted by the storm due to the loss of housing and jobs. Already on the brink these families were in danger of displacement and homelessness when their houses suffered damage or their place of employment was closed. Thanks to the John and Katherine Duda Foundation for stepping up to offer financial assistance so that our clients had a time to rebuild.

Thank you to all who have donated food, written checks, attended events or given up their time to make this organization sustainable. Although shiny new programs are great it is really about consistently doing the right thing - listening to people’s needs, connecting them to the right resources, believing in them and walking beside them on their journey. How are you investing in the lives of those around to you? We would love to have your church or business identify a need and adopt that project as your own.

There is nothing fancy about what we do. As a matter of fact my whole family - husband, kids, grand-kids - have all been raised on The Sharing Center. They have all thought they know all about it but recently when our Oasis manager had to take a six weeks medical leave, my daughter stepped in to help us keep the drop-in center open. It was a life changing experience to meet and journey with our clients through their day to day struggles. My daughter is a stay at home Mom and drives a nice reliable car. She wasn’t prepared to encounter who she did and she certainly didn’t expect to feel the way she did after listening to the stories of our Oasis’ clients. A deeper sense of compassion and desire to do more moved her to action beyond the Oasis. I often get teased about having my wholefamily on the payroll but you can see why I do.

You take a seed and plant it in rich ground. Over time you water it and make sure it gets the right amount of sun. When it bears fruit you pick it and feed the people who need it. You give them flowers to adorn their homes and the shade from its branches provide a respite to those who need to get out of the weather. After a while, you realize that the soil is depleted of its nutrients; it needs a little fertilizer. Something only someone else can provide. So, you go to the store, shop around for the right fertilizer and sprinkle it on the tree. It gets taller, blooms bigger and provides better fruit than ever before. So, too, will The Sharing Center. I have planted the seed, watched it take root and nurtured it. But it needs a little fertilizer.

It is only in trusting in God that He has used me and countless others to build this haven for His people. It has grown slowly - in His time. We have put together a model of sustainability that needs your help. And He will send us the right person to lead His organization to the next level.

Making a difference in the lives of others is what we do here.

Why have I stayed?? How could I walk away?