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What items are available from the pantry?

A wide variety of food is available from our pantry including:

People in need of food will first meet with a case manager for a comprehensive review of their needs.  The case manager will then help the client choose the foods they prefer from a menu (available in English and Spanish) to meet their specific dietary needs.  


The completed menu is then sent to the pantry and volunteers then "shop" on behalf of the family and fill their order.  Once the order is complete, pantry volunteers bring the food out to the client and help them load the bags into their vehicle.


Each family receives two bags of hand-selected, customized, and nutritionally balanced food for each family member. For example, a family of four will receive a minimum of 8 bags of food satisfying their dietary needs for at least one week.  A homeless individual will be given enough food to last 2-3 days or as much as they can carry and store.

What kind and how much food do people receive?

When and how often can people receive food?

Food and other non-cash assistance is provided to families, individuals and homeless persons Monday through Friday, 9am to noon.  Clients are required to bring in documentation each time they visit.  (If you need help with food, please visit the Get Help page to plan your visit with us.)


Clients may request "regular" food assistance up to 5 times per year (a minimum of 30 days in between requests), and may also receive special holiday food at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Where does the food come from?

  • frozen meat & dairy products

  • dry and canned goods

  • baby formula and food

  • fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits

  • pop-top and ready-to-eat items

  • pet food

  • paper products

  • detergents

  • diapers and feminine products

  • soaps and shampoos

  • shaving products

  • dental care

We collect and distribute food from food drives organized by volunteers and hosted by churches, businesses and civic organizations.  Fresh vegetables and produce are purchased from Second Harvest Food Bank.  We also receive donations from local grocery stores, restaurants and local farmers and nurseries on a daily basis. Our dedicated volunteer pick-up drivers retrieve and deliver the food to the pantry.


The Sharing Center purchases food with monies received from grants and donations from individuals, businesses and other organizations in support of our food pantry program.

Pantry impact

  • Food is 40% of the client services budget

  • Average of 4,750 bags distributed each month

  • Over 56,144 bags distributed last year valued at $1.5 million

  • Largest free food pantry in Seminole County

Food Pantry Program

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Food Pantry

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