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Since 2007, Bless Our Soles has been serving low-income children with a gift card to purchase a new pair of shoes for back-to-school, Christmas and Easter.  


This unique program allows children to obtain properly fitting shoes at strategic points throughout the year while not duplicating other efforts to provide toys, candy, backpacks and school supplies.  The shoe gift cards ensure more options for better fitting shoes than can be accomplished by collecting and distributing donated shoes, new or used.  

Collecting NOW!

Uplift a child with the gift of new shoes 3 times this year for only $60.  


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How does the program strengthen families?

The program fortifies the family budget while helping their children maintain healthy feet as they grow and change.  Bless Our Soles enrollments are coupled with financial assistance, food, clothing and medical services for the family to alleviate hunger, improve their health and prevent homelessness.

How does the program directly impact children?

"Bless Our Soles" is so much more than just giving kids a pair of new shoes.  Buying a new pair of shoes is an experience that most of these children have never had.  The  children get the opportunity to select well-fitting shoes in the color and style that are perfect just for them, which improves their overall self-esteem and confidence.


Used shoes that are broken down, unsanitary, or have unusual wear patterns  can ultimately weaken muscles and ligaments in the foot and cause posture and balance problems.  Additionally, children that are forced to wear improperly-sized, worn-out, hand-me-down shoes may experience social barriers which may then affect them academically.  Bless Our Soles levels the playing field for children and helps them retain academic focus.

Bless Our Soles


  • Over 1,500 children served each year

  • $30,000 in Payless ShoeSource gift cards distributed

  • Three distributions each year for back-to-school, Christmas and Easter

How the Bless Our Soles shoe program works

How can I help and what is the best way to donate?

We use donations to purchase $20 gift cards for the Bless Our Soles program at a bulk discount from Payless ShoeSource (10-15%) which increases the impact of each dollar donated.  


We also offer Bless Our Soles gift envelopes to display in churches, businesses, and other high-traffic locations.  


If you would like to display Bless Our Soles envelopes at your business or on your campus, please email Dan Ryan, Director of Client Services, or call him at 407-691-3114.

Maria, age 9, had never been to the shoe store to select her own new shoes.  Thanks to Bless Our Soles, Maria was able to get the pink sneakers she always wanted!


Contact Dan Ryan

Director of Client Services


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